Minnesota APSE


APSE Mission

APSE: The Network on Employment is a membership organization formed in 1988 as the Association for Persons in Supported Employment to improve and expand integrated employment opportunities, services, and outcomes for persons experiencing disabilities.

To accomplish this mission, APSE:

  • Provides advocacy and education to customers of supported employment (SE), i.e. supported employment professionals, consumers and their family members, and supported employers.
  • Addresses issues and barriers which impede the growth and implementation of integrated employment services.
  • Improves supported employment (SE) practice so that individuals and communities experience SE as a quality service with meaningful outcomes.
  • Promotes national, state, and local policy development which enhances the social and economic inclusion and empowerment of all persons experiencing severe disabilities.
  • Educates the public and the business community on the value of including persons experiencing severe disabilities as fully participating community members.

APSE Members

Membership is primarily made up of supported employment professionals, including administrators, managers, and employment specialists. Our membership also includes consumers, family members, employers, rehabilitation counselors, advocates, state and federal agency officials, etc. APSE membership is open to anyone who is committed to ensuring that Supported Employment continues to grow and improve, and who wants to be part of a grass roots network for SE.

To join, please click here: http://www.apse.org/members/join.cfm